Neck Pain Treatments

Dr. Dean Insana sees patients at his Cherry Hill, NJ, practice who have neck pain from working at a job where they stare at a computer all day. He also sees patients who have neck pain from car accidents. It's also possible to develop neck pain from arthritis or another chronic condition. Even grinding your teeth can contribute to it. Fortunately, Dr. Insana offers chiropractic treatments to help.  

Chiropractic Alignment 

Your cervical spine, the part of your spine in your neck, may shift slightly out of place, causing pain, tingling, or numbness as soft tissues and fluids are compressed. A chiropractor will perform a cervical alignment to position these vertebrae correctly, relieving the pressure and reducing symptoms. 


Cryotherapy is the use of cold to reduce inflammation and pain in a region. It's one treatment provided in Dr. Insana's Cherry Hill, NJ, office. Besides addressing the muscle pain, cryotherapy may also ease migraine pain associated with a neck injury. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation 

A practitioner may use electrical muscle stimulation on your neck. During this treatment, the practitioner connects electrodes at specific locations on your skin. Then, the practitioner will send an electrical current through the device to target the soft tissue and muscles. It causes your muscles to contract and relax, triggering the release of endorphins -- pain-relieving chemicals in the brain. 

Dr. Insana offers a variety of treatments to target neck discomfort and pain. Often, the treatments encourage healing. All treatments are natural and work with your body. 

Contact Dr. Insana's Cherry Hill, NJ, office today to schedule an appointment for natural pain relief by calling 856-662-4848. 

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