Low Back Pain Treatments

Lower Back Pain is one of the most common ailments in America and a common reason for people to miss work. However, that does not mean it is inevitable or that anyone should put up with it. Cherry Hill’s Dr. Dean Insana is an experienced, trauma qualified treatment provider for neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders. There are many reasons why people may suffer from lower back pain and no two people respond to the same treatments in the same way, but the most common sources of pain can often be treated without resorting to drugs or surgery. At our office, we’ll work with you to not only alleviate pain in a safe manner, but to develop a plan for wellness that will stop lower back pain from returning.

The lower back, or lumbar region, contains our largest vertebrae. The sciatic nerves, which lead to our legs, emerge from the lumbar spine, and muscles deep within our cores connect the lumbar vertebrae to the tops of the femurs. But although the muscles in this region may be large, the lumbar spine isn’t well protected from swaying side-to-side. It is also responsible for carrying a great deal of weight, and the discs in between the flat parts of the vertebrae can easily be overburdened. If they bulge outward or proteins leaking from them trigger an inflammatory response, the roots of the sciatic nerves may be compressed. This would result in sciatica; dysfunction in the sciatic nerves that may be painful or otherwise cause interference between the brain’s signals and the lower part of the body. Overburdening the facet joints that connect the vertebrae to each other could wear away their cartilage, prompting them to grind against each other and trigger the growth of bone spurs. Damage to the muscles themselves can also result in localized soreness, which may feel extremely painful and make it difficult for a person to move.

Dr. Dean Insana takes pride in the personalized chiropractic care he provides the Cherry Hill community. Although people with lower back pain are often tempted to stay on bed rest for as long as they can, this will cause their muscles to further atrophy. Instead, we will provide patients with fast-acting pain relief, including the application of heat packs and cold packs and chiropractic adjustments. These careful, controlled uses of force realign the tissues of the spinal column, removing nerve impingements and pressure on the facet joints. Over the course of a patient’s recovery, we’ll coach them on therapeutic exercises to improve the flexibility of their back muscles, allowing them to live more comfortably with spinal spurs and putting them at lower risk for acute injuries. We also provide electric muscle stimulation to reduce inflammation and deliver more nutrient-rich blood to tissues that are in the process of rebuilding. When patients do require more extensive intervention, we’ll continue working as part of their care team to help them improve their posture and core strength, so their lumbar vertebrae won’t have to bear as much weight on their own and patients will be able to return to activity as quickly as possible.

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