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Ashley Ashley
Before Ashley came to our office she had sever migraine and neck pain. She was seeing a migraine specialist and on medication but it only would work for a few hours. Ashley’s first impressions of our office were that “Wow! Amazing doctor and staff!”. Dr. Insana recommended she changed the way she slept to ease the pressure on her neck as well as coming three times a week for adjustments. Now her migraines are significantly decreased and she says she would recommend Dr. Insana to her friends and family. 

Jerome Jerome
Jerome was in an auto accident and suffered severe pain in his neck and lower back. He found himself straining to do every day activities. His first thoughts of our office were that we are professional, easy going and understanding.  Dr. Insana recommended he came three times a week and along with Dr. Insana’s regular adjustments he used heat therapy and electrical stim to eliminate Jerome’s pain. Jerome is feeling better day by day from the treatment Dr. Insana has given him. Jerome says he would absolutely recommend his family and friends to Dr. Insana after seeing such good results. 

Elba Elba
Elba came to us after an auto accident, she and her husband were referred by Richard DiTomaso. She suffered from massive head aches and back pain. She also had two lumps in the lumbar part of her spine. Elba says when she first came to our office she felt that the staff was very nice, and made her feel comfortable. She loved that Dr. Insana uses natural healing with adjustments, heat, and electrical stim therapy. She also says Dr. Insana truly cares about his patients and she felt he is very personable and deals with patients one on one. Elba is now feeling better, her head aches are gone and the lumps she had on her spine are gone thanks to Dr. Insana’s recommended treatment.   She would definitely recommend anyone she knew that needs chiropractic care.

Elisebel Elisebel
Elie was in an auto accident with his wife that left him with horrible neck and lower back pain. He was referred by lawyer Richard DiTomaso. He tried physical therapy after the accident but it was only a temporary relief. Elie says his first impression of our office was he felt relaxed and everyone was easy to talk to. Dr. Insana recommended he came three times a week for adjustments accompanied by heat therapy and electrical stim. After treatments Elie is feeling a big difference and once found standing for long periods unbearable and now has a lot less pain. Now that he is a believer in Dr. Insana he would recommend his friends and family.

Mike Mike
Mike was having trouble sleeping, headaches and had neck and back pain making it impossible for him to play golf and softball.  He says he felt relaxed and comfortable when he came to our office. Dr. Insana recommended he came three times a week for adjustments and heat therapy with electrical stim. Mike says his he has less headaches and less pain after coming to our office and would recommend his family and friends.

John John
John had neck and lower back pain when he came to Dr. Insana. He was in an auto accident and suffered severe pain. John’s brother had been a patient of Dr. Insana and says his pain is now completely gone after treatment. John says his first impression of the office was everyone was helpful and made him feel comfortable. Dr. Insana recommended that he came three times a week for adjustments and used ice therapy with electrical stim. After John’s treatment he feels better and his body function has improved. He says he has and would recommend his family and friends to Dr. Insana

Kathy and Dan Kathy and Dan
Kathy and Dan both came to Dr. Insana for back pain. Kathy also had numbness in her hands. They tried physical therapy but it didn’t not help. Dr. Insana recommended they came three times a week and within a few weeks their pain was gone. They were very thankful for his care and described the staff as kind, and down to earth. Kathy and Dan highly recommend Dr. Insana.

Daryl Daryl
Daryl suffered from a bike accident and suffered low back and neck injuries. He had physical therapy and preventative care for subluxations elsewhere, but nothing helped. Daryl says no one was as caring and attentive to detail and concern for his health than Dr. Insana. Dr. Insana shows true concern for his patients. The doctor gave him holistic treatment options that don’t rely on pain medications. In Daryl’s words, “Dr. Insana is a top-doc to recommend and I am grateful to return to an active pain free level of health and fitness.”

Vito Vito
Vito first came in with his wife Nancy she was seeking chiropractic treatment for her back pain. When Vito felt comfortable and welcomed in the office he decided to have Dr. Insana treat him as well. He had some pain from yard work and chores around the house. He now sees Dr. Insana on a routine basis and feels like a new man.

Gabriel Gabriel
Gabriel came to our office suffering from low back pain. His primary doctor prescribed medication but it didn’t help his pain longer than a few hours at a time. He was impressed with Dr. Insana and his dedication to his practice. After following his treatment plan the doctor gave him his back pain is gone and he now comes for regular well visits. Gabriel highly recomends Dr. Insana to everyone.  

Enrico Enrico
Enrico and his wife were in an auto accident. He came to Dr. Insana with chronic back pain and after treatment and exercises recommended by the doctor his pain was gone. Enrico would absolutely recommend Dr. Insana. “Dr. Insana possesses a miracle hand. His techniques and ways are perfect. And one more thing.. He listens!”

Marian Marian
Marian first came to our office with pain and stiffness in her back. She could barley walk, bend, and had minimum movement in her neck. Her first impression was that the office was very kind. Dr. Insana helped with her back pain and she can now do things she wasn’t able to. She says “he put me back together again”. Dr. Insana’s recommendations were that she continue to have regular adjustments. Marian says she would recommend her family and friends.

Stephen Stephen
Stephen suffered from low back pain and stiffness. Dr. Insana recommended that he came for routine adjustments and do therapeutic exercises focused on strengthening in the back muscles supporting the spine. His firs impression of the office was the staff was friendly and committed to his overall comfort and health. Stephen says he will continue to recommend his family and friends.

Mark Mark
Mark started seeing Dr. Insana for pain in his lower back and neck. Prior to seeing Dr. Insana he tried taking medicine and having shots to help alleviate the pain. Dr. Insana recommended a treatment plan of 3 times a week for 3 months. When Mark first met Dr. Insana he could tell he was a people-person. He was very well spoken and professional. The staff was exceptionally caring and he would recommend Dr. Insana’s office to everyone.

Ms. Gibson Ms. Gibson
When Ms. Gibson first came to our office she had sciatic pain in her left leg. She was limping and walking sideways. Now after treatment she is able to walk properly and has no limp. Dr. Insana had her have regular adjustments and heat therapy. Ms. Gibson says she would trust him with her children and anyone she knows. She says he took the time to answer her questions and concerns.

Christina Christina
Christina had migraines, hand, neck and leg pain due to an auto accident. Her fist impression of Dr. Insana’s office was the staff and doctor were friendly and care for their patients. She says Dr. Insana is very professional and wants to help his patients heal fast. Christina would recommend Dr. Insana to others.

Greg Greg
Greg was having horrible back pain and neck pain. His pain wouldn’t go away no matter what he did until he came to Dr. Insana. He appreciated how caring and professional the doctor and his staff were. Dr. Insana’s recommendation was to come 3 times a week for regular adjustments and therapy. Dr. Insana showed him the proper way to stretch and exercise and the results were amazing. Greg would recommend Dr. Insana to anyone he knows. 

Mateo Mateo
Mateo consulted Dr. Insana after an auto accident. His neck and back were in pain. He also had reoccurring headaches. He was referred by a friend to our office. Mateo’s first impression of our office was it was nice. Dr. Insana sent him for tests to get an overall picture of the damage from the accident. Mateo came in for regular treatments and his pain became less prominent. His head aches are gone as well. He would recommend anyone in pain to the office.

Alexandra Alexandra
Before coming to our office she had horrible back and neck problems. She also had migraines. Alexandra’s first impression of the staff and doctor was everyone was outgoing, caring, respectful and Dr. Insana was dedicated to helping her feel better. She says Dr. Insana is very caring and knows what he’s doing. She would recommend him.

Alicia Alicia
Alicia and her husband were in an auto accident. She had never been to a chiropractor. She had general pain all over. She says Dr. Insana was very nice and approachable. He listened to her needs. The staff is also polite and helpful. Dr. Insana recommended regular adjustments and exercises with Biofreeze for the pain. She felt a lot better and her pain was easing with the exercise and adjustments. Alicia says she would recommend Dr. Insana to anyone with back pain.