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All-Natural, Holistic Care & Auto Accident Treatment

Live pain-free when you receive chiropractic care and auto accident treatment from Dr. Insana's Wellness Center, LLC. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we restore your well-being through a holistic approach. Dr. Insana adjusts or manipulates different areas of the body, helping to reduce or completely eliminate nervous system disruption. Reach out to us to schedule your next appointment or to request a free consultation to address any discomfort you're experiencing. We always welcome new patients.

Chiropractic Care

Our nervous system controls the whole body. Chiropractic care improves health by restoring proper function to this vital system. Chiropractic adjustments remove pressure off the nerves to restore nerve function to the affected area, reducing pain. 

Exercise Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation exercises for the muscular system play an essential role in our holistic approach. The proven exercise programs we implement at our facility help prevent injuries and serve to shorten the recovery period needed to restore the patient back to optimal health.

X-Ray In Office

Active Release Technique™ (ART)

ART is a new, cutting-edge approach used in treating overuse injuries of the muscles, tendons, nerves, and surrounding soft tissue. The ART system provides a way to diagnose and treat underlying causes of symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, and burning. Some examples of conditions that can be helped include carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic lower back, neck, and shoulder pain.

The procedure involves the doctor locating the lesions in the soft tissue (by palpation of the area). He then "traps" the shortened tissue and lengthens it by breaking up any adhesions. This motion restores gliding between the tissues. ART is designed to accomplish three objectives:

• Restore Motion of All Soft Tissues
• Release Entrapped Nerves, Vasculature, & Lymphatics
• Reestablish Optimal Texture, Resilience, & Function of Soft Tissues


At our practice, we treat a variety of conditions. These include the following but not limited to:

• Allergies
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Back Pain
• Disc Problems
• Ear Infections
• Fibromyalgia
• Headaches
• Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Neck Pain
• Sciatica/Numbness & Tingling
• Pregnancy
• Scoliosis
• Shoulder Pain
• Sports Injuries
• Stress
• Tennis Elbow
• Whiplash